News · Eastern Girls Basketball – Austin Game Update

Due to the new COVID restrictions for sporting events of no fans- we have decided to postpone the GBB game this Saturday at Eastern vs. Austin.  We will make the games up on January 9th.  JV girls and boys will play at 4:30 in separate gyms.  The Varsity girls will play starting at 6pm followed by the Varsity Boys team.

  • Washington County is currently listed as an “Orange” county.  Each Wednesday we will get an update from our local health department on the status of the upcoming games.  It will be determined by the color our county is currently in as to:
    • If we cancel/postpone games
    • If we play games with NO fans
    • If we play games with limited fans – select number of tickets per player
    • If we play games with limited attendance- 25% capacity of the gym
    • If we play games with no restrictions.
  • Once we get the update from our health department, we will determine if we will be able to play the scheduled games for that week.
  • It is our hope that we can play ALL the games on our schedule at some point throughout the season.  IT is extremely important that as a fan going to one of our sporting events- that you follow the guidelines set by the host school along with their local health department.

**** The Girls basketball game at North Harrison is still being played tonight.  JV game time is 6pm followed by the varsity contest.

  • Reminder- Masks are required to enter the building and must be worn at all times.   Certain seats are marked off for non- use and please practice social distancing unless you are sitting with family members.