News · Spring Sports Information 2021

Here is the updated information for our spring sports for the 2021 season.

Softball and Baseball– Parking passes are $30 per car and may be purchased either in the athletic office or at the first two games.   If you buy a parking pass- the pass must be on display in the windshield of each game.

** Single game admission is $5 per person.  Renaissance members will be allowed to enter for free by showing your card.

If you are wanting to sit in the bleacher area- season tickets are also on sale for $30.

*** There will be no refunds for rainouts or a shortened season for any reason.

Concessions will be available for baseball and softball games.  All items will be pre-packaged.

Guidelines for all EHS Athletic Events

  • Masks will be required to enter all athletic events unless you are social distancing.  The Athletic Department will have masks available for purchase ($1.00) if needed.
  • There will be a minimum of two cash boxes used at events (depending on the crowd size).  1 box will be used to collect incoming money from fans.  The other box will be used to distribute change if needed back to the fan.  This will keep bills from being handled by multiple people thus helping to lower chances of passing an “infected bill”.
  • For Baseball and Softball- Season tickets will be sold to help with the transfer of money.  Season tickets must be displayed in the windshield of each vehicle, or shown at the ticket table.
  • There will be no handshakes within teams before or after the contests.
    •  Athletes sitting out will be required to wear masks/gaiters.
    • Announcements will be made throughout each contest reminding people about mask usage and social distancing. 
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be at every entrance and concession area.
    • Fans will immediately be asked to move out of event bleachers at the conclusion of the sporting event.  Parents/fans will not be allowed to congregate waiting to talk to the players.
    • Fans will not be permitted onto the field at the conclusion of the game. 
    • Ticket takers, and concession workers will be required to wear face coverings and gloves while dealing with customers. 
    • The use of on-line tickets will be used for softball and baseball.  ** Online ticket information will be publicized one day in advance of the game.  The link will be on this website.
    • Announce to ALL schools to have their fans bring lawn chairs and social distance throughout the contest. 

    Considerations for Parents (A family’s role in maintaining safety guidelines for themselves and others):  Make sure your child and immediate household members are free from illness before participating in practice and competition (if there is doubt stay home),  Provide personal items for your child and clearly label them.  Disinfect your students’ personal equipment after each game or practice. Additional Considerations:  Per guidance from the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), plastic shields covering the entire face (unless integrated into the face mask and attached to a helmet and clear without the presence of any tint) shall not be allowed during contests. Their use during practices increases the risk of unintended injury to the person wearing the shield or to teammates.  Cloth facial coverings are recommended for players but not required on the field for competition. Pitchers cannot wear optic yellow cloth facial coverings.  Limit Pregame Conference attendees to one coach from each team plus the umpires. Coaches should stay outside the width of the batter’s box at home plate, maintaining 6 feet of distance between each person Provide personal items for your child and clearly label them. 

    — On line tickets will be sold at each home contest for contract tracing

    — Limit the number of spectators to line up at the concession stand and the restrooms

    — Foul balls retrieved will be disinfected prior to being put back in play.

    — Bleachers will be marked – every other row for social distancing.