Booster Club Seeking Additional Membership for 2019-20 School Year

The Musketeer booster club is seeking new membership for the upcoming school year.  If you have an interest in helping both the athletic department and the booster club please contact me.

The booster club officers meet once a month in the high school cafeteria to conduct all business issues.  The club was organized to help cover the additional “wants’ the coaching staff may desire.  Officers are elected one time each year.

The booster club conducts a silent auction in the winter during basketball season, and also sets up and sells Musketeer items at the home football games.

Membership Cost- $5 per month- $60 per year with no actual time commitment

To be an officer- monthly planning meetings, and helping with the various booster club activities are part of these duties.

Our goal is to have at least 10 parents from each sport as a member of the club.

For additional information or to become a member- contact Scott Newcomb or one of the officers at

President- Kim Churchman-

Vice President- Kristy Lewis-

Secretary- Adam Bagshaw

Treasurer- Brenda Beach

Sargent of Arms- Wes Drury