How to Be Eligible for High School Sports

Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. Athletic Eligibility
A Basic Guide for Schools, Students and Parents
To Students:
Your high school years will provide some of the most memorable and
enjoyable moments you will ever experience.  Competition in interschool athletics is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will influence you forever. Your participation
in high school athletics is dependent on your eligibility.  Keep that eligibility.  Read the following summary of Indiana High School Athletic Association rules which govern your participation. Review the rules with your parents/guardians.  Ask questions of
your principal, athletic director/s and coaches.
To Parents:
The value of participating in athletics has been well documented.  Participants earn better
grades, have better attendance and have a greater chance for success in later life than non-participants. Students must meet certain standards in order to maintain the privileges
of competition. Review the following rules with your son or daughter.  Your role in
stressing and supporting the value of following these rules cannot be emphasized enough.
From the IHSAA:
The Indiana High School Athletic Association has been the governing body of high school athletics in our state since 1903. Your school is a voluntary member of the IHSAA and has agreed to follow its rules.  Both your school and the IHSAA believe in equal competition among schools and the close relationship between academics and athletics.
The IHSAA rules listed in this brochure are only a summary of some of the regulations affecting student eligibility.  All rules are found in the IHSAA By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.  Your principal and athletic director/s have copies and an on-line version also is located at
You are eligible if:
1. Age- You do not turn 20 years old prior to or on the scheduled
date of the IHSAA State Finals tournament in a sport.
2. Amateurism- You have not played under an assumed name. You have not accepted money or merchandise direct ly or indirectly from athletic participation. You have not signed a professional contract in that sport.
3. Awards and Gifts- You have not received in recognition for your athletic ability an
y award that is not approved by your high school principal or the IHSAA. You have not used or accepted merchandise as an award, prize, gift or loan or purchase such for a token sum. You have not accepted awards, medals, recognitions, gifts
and honors from colleges/universities or their alumni.
4. Conduct and Character- You have not conducted yourself in or out of school in
a way which reflects discredit on your school or the IHSAA. You have not created a disruptive influence on the discipline, good order, moral and educational environment in your school.
5. Consent and Release Certificate- You have the completed certificate (physica
l form) on file with your principal each school year, between April 1 and your first
6. Enrollment- You enrolled in a school during the first 15 days of a semester.
You have not been enrolled more than four consecutive years, or the equivalent (e.g 8 semesters or 12 tri-mesters, etc.), beginning with grade 9. You have not represented a high school in a sport for more than four years.

7. Illness and Injury- You are absent 5 to 10 or more consecutive school days due to illness or injury, and have participated in at least 4 separate days of practice prior to competing. You are absent 10 or more consecutive school days due to illness or injury, and have participated in at least 6 separate days of practice prior to competing. 8.Participation-                                                                                                                    a.  During Contest Season- You do not participate in try-outs or demonstrations of athleticability in that sport as a prospective post-secondary school student-athlete.You do not participate in a practice with or against players not belonging to your school. You do not participate in a non-school-sponsored contest without an approved waiver.  You do not attend a non-school camp. You do not attend and participate in a student-clinic.

b.  During School Year Out-of-Season- You do not participate in a team sport contest as a member of a non-school team where there are more than the following number of students listed below in each sport, including incoming freshmen, who have participated the previous year in a contest as a member of their school team in that sport.               Basketball – 3   Baseball – 5   Football – 6  Volleyball – 3    Softball – 5    Soccer – 6  You do not receive instruction in a team sport from individuals who are members of your high school coaching staff (Exception: open facility).  You do not participate in a non-school contest that required participation during school time, without gaining approval by the school principal or his/her designee.

c. During Summer- You do not attend any school-sponsored fall sports camp and/or clinic
after Monday of Week 4 (See your athletic director for specific dates). You do not attend any non-school camp and/or clinic after Monday of Week 7 (See your athletic director for specific dates).
9. Practice- You have completed the required number of separate days of organized practice in your sport under the direct supervision of the high school coaching staff in your sport preceding participation in a contest.
10. Scholarship- You passed 70% of the full credit subjects or the equivalent that a student can take in your previous grading period. Semester grades take precedence. 
You are currently enrolled in 70% of the full credit subjects or the equivalent that a student take.
11.Transfer- You do not transfer from one school to another primarily for athletic reasons. a. You are entering the 9th grade for the first time. b. You are transferring from a school district or territory with a bona fide move by your parents. c. You are a ward of the court.  d. You are an orphan. e. Your former school closed. f. Your former school is not a member school and is not accredited by the state accrediting agency in the state where
the school is located. g. Your transfer was pursuant to school board mandate for redistricting. h. You enrolled and/or attended, in error, a wrong school.  i. You transferred from a correctional school. j. You are emancipated, as defined by the IHSAA. k. You did not participate in any contests as a representative of another school during the preceding 365 days. l. You return to an IHSAA member school from a non-member school and reside with the same parent/s or guardian/s. m.  You transfer to a member boarding school with a corresponding move from the residence of your parent/s or you transfer
from a member boarding school with a corresponding move to the residence of your parent/s. n. You are a qualified foreign exchange student attending under an approved CSIET program, who has attended a member school for less than one year.
12. Undue Influence- You, your parents or guardians have not been influenced by
any person to secure you as a student at a member school.